Art Is What You Make It At Vivid Sydney

Lights, camera, art! Vivid Sydney is on again, and the largest festival of its kind in the world will not disappoint. The Rocks is the prime spot to see and experience the major projections, but it’s also home to some of the festival’s best interactive light installations, where you can be part of the art. Here are our picks for the top 5 artworks which need you!


Be moved by human curiosity

Vivid Sydney The Rocks Always Coming Always Going

Always Coming, Always Going

An interactive artwork which responds to human movement, Always Coming, Always Going is addictive in the best possible way. No two experiences are ever the same, as the thousands of luminescent hexagons hanging from the ceiling change according to participants’ body flow. Jump up and down, reach up with your hands, or move however you want to: this light installation is designed to show the more we remain curious, the more we will be rewarded by complex and colourful images. The artists Jared Berghold and Luc Small have created a dynamic work which symbolises our never ending quest for human knowledge. Get ready to be mesmerised.

Always Coming, Always Going, Overseas Passenger Terminal


Power of the written word

Vivid Sydney The Rocks MailboX


When was the last time you posted a letter? An actual paper letter, addressed, in an envelope, and dropped into a mailbox? This method of meaningful, mindful communication is all but lost to the ever-present, convenient email and text overload of today. MailboX wants to challenge our perfunctory communication habits by making us question what needs to change for us to be yet again inspired to exchange written words, in that old-fashioned way of letter writing. This tactile light installation reinvents the traditional mailboxes and invites audiences to play with letters, emojis and colour combinations.

MailboX, The Rocks


Show us your moves

Vivid Sydney at The Rocks, Under My Umbrella

Under My Umbrella

Some of us need no encouragement to dance, while others need the cover of some magic umbrellas to coax out some signature moves. This glowing canopy of umbrellas is waiting for your choreography. Download the XIMtroller app or use your smartphone to move the umbrellas in whichever way you feel. Or let the natural, gentle Sydney breeze play its part and create a hypnotic sway. Either way, the night is there to be danced away, as the umbrellas cast a lit-up sea of stars on the laneway below, inviting all to grace this unique stage.

Under My Umbrella, Playfair Street, The Rocks


Ready, steady, compose

Vivid Sydney at The Rocks, MUSIC|box


This installation will really get those creative juices flowing, as Cadman’s Cottage is transformed from heritage building to contemporary sound and light stage. Choose your themed space, find the interactive keyboard projected onto the ground, and with every note pressed, a new audio and visual element will entertain the artist and passers by. The premise is simple: to invite and capture unique moments of joy, to indulge in artistic fantasy, and to create entertainment for all around.

MUSIC|box, Cadman’s Cottage


Art for the young-at-heart

Vivid Sydney at The Rocks, Never Ends

Never Ends

Relive the excitement and pure joy of riding a horse on a spring in a children’s playground with this interactive installation. It may look minimal, with just a platform stage and an illuminated blue and white horse, but once a rider from the audience sits on the horse, the lights on the platform are activated to create a magical setting for both the rider and those watching. Once the rider stops, so do the lights. As they say, the simple things in life are often the best; it’s rediscovering the pleasure of playtime, and reliving this simple memory in a modern way, which will appeal to those young-at-heart.

Never Ends, Cambridge Street, The Rocks


Vivid Sydney at The Rocks
26 May-17 June, 6pm-11pm

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