Local gifts rock at Gifts At The Rocks

“People walk in here and they don’t want to leave. There are so many interesting things to see,” says Nazee Iravani, the owner of Gifts At The Rocks.

A favourite stop for tourists and locals alike seeking unique gifts, her store has operated from The Rocks Centre for the past 20 years. In early July 2017, it reopened in new, larger premises. “We have so much space now, it’s wonderful,” Nazee says.

Along with a sister shop that Nazee also owns, Gifts At The Quay in George Street in the Sydney CBD, Gifts At The Rocks stocks a wide array of gift ideas.

However, it is probably best known for its amazing array of Australian-made gifts and souvenirs, including Christmas ornaments all year round.

The wide selection of gifts are all Australian made, and many depict uniquely Australian iconography including indigenous artwork and animals.

Gifts at The Rocks

Gifts at The Rocks

“They make a really popular gift for tourists who want to remember their Australian experience,” Nazee says.

Like the ornament range, the wide array of items stocked by Gifts At The Rocks is largely Australian made, and utilises Australian materials or ingredients.

Delicious gifts include locally-sourced honey, chocolate-covered macadamias, tea and coffee, a range of spices, and kangaroo, crocodile and emu jerky (dried meats).

There are also many homeware and kitchenware items to browse, including chopping boards and picture frames made from Australian-sourced timber, plus homewares from the distinctive Banksia gift range including coasters and tea light holders that are all hand-carved from the seed pods of the banksia flower.

“You can come in and spend $2.95 on a souvenir magnet, or $600 on hand-made items, or anywhere in between,” Nazee says.

“Most of my customers are sick of stuff that is made in China and looking for something that’s more genuine and authentic, with a true Australian story.”


Shop 6, The Rocks Centre
Cnr Playfair and Argyle Streets
The Rocks
(02) 9251 5146


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