Seven Local Fashion Designers You Need To Know About

As French designer Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade; style is eternal”. We couldn’t agree more. Anyone can pick a look from the latest season’s offerings and go with it, but it takes a special sort to look further, to go deeper, and to find the pieces that are timeless.

At The Rocks Markets, you don’t even have to go that deep to find them. Each week, some of Sydney’s most exciting emerging designers set up shop to send their unique and lasting creations into the world. Take a stroll down George Street, away from the bustling rush of the city, past the MCA, then set foot on the cobblestones and dive on in.

Garage 16

Sofi and Lucia, the ladies behind Garage 16 (above), are two Argentine fashion designers with a passion for creating clothes that make a statement. Living in Australia, they met randomly on sunny Manly Beach, and their interests in art and design came together. They would meet once a week in the garage of number 16, and discuss how they wanted to start something new and special that would employ their skills and set a new trend in fashion. Garage 16 was born. Theirs is a world full of colors, patterns, casual vibes, fun and innovation, and their unique and creative designs have a distinctive look, mixing the Australian beach life attitude with a South American flair.
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Nubijin‘s garments are all carefully and individually hand-dyed using natural ingredients and the designers’ creative ideas to add a unique value to every item. These elegant, striking, and 100% one-of-a-kind pieces are totally environmentally friendly, using eco-dyes and eco-fabrics. Not only will you be wearing ethical fashion that’s good for the Earth, you’ll also be the only person on Earth with that particular design.
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Wendy McLean

Providing versatile looks for any occasion, Wendy McLean designs unique garments that can be worn for comfort and style. They are beautiful kaftans available long, cropped and in plus-sizes, and perfect garment for long lunches, cocktail cruises, beachside holidays; or weekend brunches, farmers markets, and the Sunday crossword indoors next to the fire. They’re relaxed fitting and easy care fabrics, too, so you can put them in beach totes, luggage and drawers without having to worry about a single wrinkle.


Sin Fashion

Whether you’re a Marilyn, an Audrey, a Natalie Wood or a Dita von Teese, your vintage glamour desires will be sated by Sin Fashion. Sin is a fashion label established in 2007 with the aim to provide well-made, stylish and timeless garments for women of all ages. Everything is made locally with the spirit of fashion’s golden ages woven into every piece.


Using only recycled tropical wood, Nattivo design wooden watches and sunglasses handcrafted by artisans in the Caribbean. Each piece of wood is different – different grains, different colour variations, different stories – so no matter what piece you choose, it will be truly one of a kind.

Made to Wear

The work of Sydney designer Joanne Pagano, Made To Wear offers ethically made, locally produced clothing with women who have their own individual taste in mind. There’s something here for every person and every occasion, and the range of dresses and tunics, tops and skirts, tailored fashion and kimonos range in style from the comfortable, the basic, and the elegant, to the tailored and the edgy.

Silk Diva

Silk Diva designer Anna Pryor’s fascination and love affair with silk began in September 2005, when she moved to Hong Kong to teach English. She describes silk as a paradox; it can be cool but warm, strong but soft, delicate but tough and heavy but light. Since 2007 she’s been going back twice a year to buy silk and experiment with different styles and designs, and finding different silks, like georgette and chiffon. With these, she creates garments for men and women who want a sense of luxury and an ancient history interwoven with their daily style.

The Rocks Markets
10am – 5pm, Saturdays and Sundays
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